Business as Usual?

Summer Blessings Bethlehem! As the world has continued to open up over the past several weeks I have found my response to it all to be very interesting.  At certain times, I find that I can basically pretend that the past 15 months never happened, and slip right back into “business as usual” without so much as a second thought.  When I catch myself in those moments, I am usually surprised that I don’t feel more awkward or uncomfortable, and I’m amazed at how engrained certain patterns or behaviors can become in the human brain.  But then there are other times,

By |July 18th, 2021|

The Times They are a Changing

Dear people of Bethlehem, In this season of the church, we have moved from Ascension Sunday, to Pentecost, to Trinity Sunday.  The Holy Spirit has central place in all three.  Ascension Sunday:  “You will be visited by the Holy Spirit, not many days from now.”  Pentecost:  the rush of a mighty wind and the gift of the Holy Spirit to the new church.  Trinity Sunday:  “You must be born of water and the Spirit.”    No coincidence I think, that in this season of our lives, it is time to think of the Spirit.  We are moving from the restraint of the

By |June 3rd, 2021|

God is not Done

Thursday, April 22nd marked Earth Day.  A day to give thanks for the world in which we live.  A day to marvel at the beauty and complexity of nature – its resilience and fragility, its splendor and vastness.  In the first chapter of Genesis, we hear of God’s labor pains in the creation of our world.  We hear the story about God’s inspired and careful work when the earth was nothing but a formless void, and darkness covered the face of the deep.  After creating all that is, God created us, in God’s own image.  It’s surprising that anyone can make

By |May 3rd, 2021|

God by Our Side

Easter Blessings Dear People of Bethlehem, This will now be our second COVID-19 Holy Week.  In many ways it feels very familiar, and in others it still feels incredibly foreign.  After a year spent in the midst of the pandemic and lockdown and quarantine, we each arrive at this Easter with very different lived experiences.  Some have been relatively spared, save for some inconvenience and restriction.  Some have suffered greatly, and are grieving tremendous losses.  Some have worked, and been stretched, beyond their limits and are weary to the very core of their beings.  And others are a complicated and

By |April 3rd, 2021|

Mary’s Courage

Dear Easter People, I have always admired Mary Magdalene’s decisions on Easter Sunday morning.  A woman of tenacity and strength, she had known suffering in her life.  Yet she also knew the possibility of hope.  On that first Easter morning, she was up before first light.  She travelled to the tomb not in joy, but in sorrow.  She chose not to turn from the pain, but to walk toward it.  She came to do what was needed.  Much of this year has felt like that.  So many have done what is needed in the pain.  Mary found the stone removed

By |April 3rd, 2021|

Unease and Hope in our Year-long Journey

Dear people of Bethlehem, As a Lutheran expression of faith, we travel in liturgical seasons.  We move from the waiting of Advent, to the light of Epiphany, to the reflective contemplation of Lent.  We are accustomed to the pace, and as ashes are placed on our foreheads, we are reminded of each Lenten journey that has preceded it.  It becomes a way to mark our place on the kingdom journey. But, we are reaching a season that has given me pause, and I sit uncomfortably with it.  In the next two weeks, we will reach the one year anniversary of this

By |March 1st, 2021|
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