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A Listening Space 2.0: Continuing the Conversation

This is a continuation of the four-week adult education program called A Listening Space: A Conversation About Race from October. The conversations we had were incredibly powerful, holy, thoughtful, as well as thought-provoking. They were so good, in fact, we wanted to make sure they continued. We are pleased to invite you to two more powerful conversations, tomorrow Tues. Nov. 17th at 7pm and Tuesday, Dec. 1st at 7 pm. Contact the church office for the zoom link. The conversation will be led by members of the congregation, Ron and Sue Dwyer-Voss. Both have gifts and expertise in leading us. If you were not able to join us in the last conversations, we would love to have you join us tomorrow.
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A Listening Space: A Conversation About Race

During this four-week zoom conversation in October 2020, we engaged with each other on the weighty issues regarding race. For this reason, we named the class, A Listening Space. Each came prepared to listen to others and to speak their heart. Furthermore, videos by Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church were utilized as well as other educated voices to guide our conversation. There was ample time for small group conversation for learning and growing together. The list of questions from the weekly handout can be found here.
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The Bible Tells Me So

In this class we explored the ways in which we read and interpret scripture. Together we looked at important questions like: What is the Canon? How did it come to be? What do we do when the Bible contradicts itself? How do we understand the hardest stories in the scriptures?
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Theology on Tap – Lutheranism 101

Our latest series on Theology on Tap discussed some of the basics of what it means to be Lutheran.  We broke down the phrase – We are justified by grace, through faith, for Christ’s sake, apart from works – and tackled one of those clauses each week for four weeks.  The list of questions from the weekly handout can be found here.

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