Virtual VBS 2021 – “Moses: Let My People Go”

Day 1: God Keeps Us Safe

Supplies needed:

  • straw
  • ping pong ball
  • cup cake liners
  • construction paper
  • markers/crayons

Day 2: God Speaks to Us

Supplies needed:

  • empty glass jar
  • colorful tissue paper
  • glue
  • water
  • either a candle or electric tea light

Day 3: God Keeps God’s Promises

Supplies needed:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • marker/crayon
  • glue/staple

Day 4: God Protects

Supplies needed:

  • tp/papertowel tube
  • hole punch
  • pipe cleaner
  • glue
  • pom poms
  • googly eyes
  • markers

Day 5: God Saves

Supplies needed:

  • plate
  • milk (whole/2% work best)
  • food coloring
  • q tip
  • dish soap
  • ball
  • cups/bottles to knock over

Virtual VBS 2020: “God at Work”

Supply List

Monday, Day 1: “God Creates”

Tuesday, Day 2: “God Builds”

Download the lyrics for  Who Built The Ark?

Wednesday, Day 3: “God Breaks Down”

Thursday, Day 4: “God Rocks”

Friday, Day 5: “God Connects”

Through the Years of  VBS:

July 2019 – ROAR!

Each day at VBS, we went on a exciting safari to Africa and learned about life’s lessons: Sometimes life is hard, sometimes wild and fun, and God is always there to be with us, comfort us and lead us. When life is unfair, scary, or sad, God is good. When life changes, God is Good. When God is good, we remember and celebrate! Our kids and leaders explored God’s goodness and celebrated our ferocious faith that powers us through this wild life.

At the imagination station, we experimented with some of God’s amazing mysteries of nature. What an incredible scientist God is to have created the entire world and all creatures great and small! And of course, we played hard, ate together, sang and prayed together!

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! His faithful loves endures forever.” ~ Psalm 136:1

July 2018 – Shipwrecked!

We ventured onto an uncharted island where kids discovered how Jesus carries them through life’s storms. Shipwrecked was filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences for kids to see, hear, touch, and even taste!

June 2017 – Rome!

We explored authentic Marketplace shops, visited the Apostle Paul (who was under house arrest), snuck to the cave where the Underground Church meets, took part in games, danced to lively Bible songs, and sampled tasty tidbits as we discovered more about the early church. These experiences made God’s Word come alive with new meaning for all who participated!