The Times They are a Changing

Dear people of Bethlehem, In this season of the church, we have moved from Ascension Sunday, to Pentecost, to Trinity Sunday.  The

Mary’s Courage

Dear Easter People, I have always admired Mary Magdalene’s decisions on Easter Sunday morning.  A woman of tenacity and strength, she

Remember the Saints

Dear Saints of Bethlehem, I am writing to you on the Eve of All Saints Day and a few days before the

Time of the Spirit

It is a time of the Spirit.  This Pentecost we remember that the wind of God blows among us still.  The fire

State of the Congregation

Dear people of Bethlehem, Grace to you and peace this day.  Wherever you are as you read these words, may you feel

The Journey We Did Not Plan

We all know what Lent is supposed to look like. It looks like ashes and penitence and meditation and self-reflection. We know

Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday

February brings both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.  There could hardly be two more discordant ideas in our culture.  Valentine’s Day is

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