Awesome God and Awesome Pumpkin

November Blessings Dear People of Bethlehem,

A few weeks ago, my hometown of Half Moon Bay (the self-proclaimed pumpkin capital of the world) held its annual Pumpkin Weigh-Off.  This year’s winner was a 2191-pound behemoth from Olympia, WA.

I used to live just a block away from where the weigh-off takes place.  And I can remember waking up on those mornings to my street being lined with pick-up trucks and flatbeds loaded with the biggest pumpkins you have ever seen.  I also distinctly remember two pumpkins, that had been grown in such a way that they were shaped like cubes, instead of spheres, and were appropriately painted with dots to resemble a pair of dice.  But the thing that I remember the most is the sense of child-like awe that was inspired in me by seeing a pumpkin that large.

Too often, this life that we lead can rob us of our child-like awe.  Beaten down by the demands of our jobs, financial or relational troubles, the sheer weight and responsibility of “adulting” as they say.  But when we stop for a moment, when we step out of the constant stream of obligations and tasks to be achieved, we have the opportunity to notice that we are surrounded by 2191-pound pumpkins.  The majesty of God’s creation, the wonder of all that God has made, it’s all around us.  From the crashing waves of the Pacific, to the mighty redwoods, to the quiet stillness of the desert, there is no limit to the number of things that should stop us in our tracks and make us say, “Wow…” with our mouths agape like a 5-year-old seeing their first dinosaur skeleton.

So, I encourage you to try and tap into that child-like wonder and awe.  Take time to stop in the midst of the busy-ness of this life.  What are the 2191-pound pumpkins that God has placed in your life?

In Gourd-itude (please email me if you know better pumpkin puns),

Pastor Sam

(Photo Credit – “You know you’re from Half Moon Bay when…” Facebook group)