Acting on our faith: How to follow Christ in the face of racism.

This three-week study and conversation will seek to look at ways we as Christians in San Diego County can respond in Love to what we have learned about the racism around us.  Specifically, we will explore how to be “antiracist.”  Each participant will be encouraged to discover their own antiracist path as well as explore paths we might take together as a Christian community.

We will focus these conversations less on new ways of thinking, and more on new ways of acting, trusting the axiom “We don’t’ think our way into new ways of acting, we act our way into new ways of thinking.”

There is no preparation required, beyond preparing your device for Zoom, for participating in the conversations.  Each week we will provide some suggested readings for those who want to prepare in advance.  As previously announced, some of the conversation will be based on Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to be an Antiracist, but that book will not be the only resource used.  You are welcome to purchase it if you would like to learn more, but you will not need to do so in order to participate in this class.

We will meet for three consecutive Tuesday evenings (1/19, 1/26, & 2/2) at 6 pm.  A Zoom link will be sent out in advance of our first meeting.  We hope you will be able to join us!