It is a time of the Spirit.  This Pentecost we remember that the wind of God blows among us still.  The fire of God still ignites us.  We need such a promise so deeply today.  Our world is troubled.  Our lives are troubled.  Our streets are troubled.  Come, Holy Spirit.  Come and bring peace to the nations.  Come and bring comfort to our anguish.  Come and descend on us like you did on your first disciples.  Fill us with courageous prophetic voice, and at the same time bring us peace.  This day, we pray for the people of La Mesa and Minneapolis and for us all.

As Pastor Sam said so well in his Pentecost sermon, there is a distance between the world as it is, and the world as it should be.  And this pandemic has made that distance so palpable.  The pain inflicted by this virus is not right.  The way people of color are treated in this country is not right.  The profound loss in our lives in this current moment is not right.

But that is the purpose of the Spirit.  To accompany us to a better place.  To lead us to God’s vision of a world whose foundation is grace and whose walls are hope and justice and whose doors stand wide open to the possibility of love at all times.  And just because it is not here today, does not mean we do not work towards its coming.  Just because it is not here today, does not mean we do not live into its possibility and celebrate it when we see it, and make it true as we live our lives.  And the work of bringing in God’s kingdom is not ours to do alone, for this we have the Spirit and each other.  Nor will it happen speedily.  But it will happen.  One act of kindness at a time, one moment of healing at a time, one word of grace at a time, one gift of the Spirit at a time.

The fruits of the Spirit are: healing and hope, justice and mercy, love, grace and life. These are the promise of tomorrow.  The harvest of God’s life in our midst, now.  So hang on.  Hang on to every blessing in today, and every hope in tomorrow.  We shall see the day.  Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Blessed Pentecost to you all,
Pastor Laura