Dear people of Bethlehem,
Blessed season of Pentecost to you all.  This is a time when we feel a new wind blowing in the air and blowing through the church.  Summer is before us with less scheduled days and time to rest and travel and reinvigorate our spirits.  In the church, it is a time of kindled fire and new Spirit and a renewed commitment to be church in the world in ways that make a difference.
At Bethlehem, I have felt it.  I felt it on Sunday, at our annual choir concert and talent show.  Our children sang, like nothing I have ever seen.   Fearlessly, boys and girls of no more than 8 or 9, stood at the solo mic and each young voice FILLED the room.  Theirs was a confidence in who God has made them to be, that gave me both courage and hope.  Older voices sang as well, and in their voices I heard the wisdom of life lived, and hope both lost and restored in God’s grace.
There is power and promise in being church together in this place.  Each voice, each of our voices, coming together and changing what has been, into what will be.  I have rarely been as moved as I was on Sunday.  Thank you to our music director Mona Goetsch for making such a day possible.  Thank you to all of you for making such a church possible.
We are excited to announce our new summer worship schedule:
In July and August we will worship at 8:30 and 10:00 am.  There will be learning circles for children as well as education for adults from 9:30 – 10:00 am.  Come to worship and meet new friends and find out who sits in your pew.  We are looking forward to the energy and close community we will create.  Come for education.  Learning opportunities include:
July 7 Centering Prayer
July 14 Getting Started with American Sign Language (ASL)
July 21 The Theology of Grace
July 28 Into the Wild: Entering the Wilderness in John and Isaiah
Aug 4 The Origin of the Universe: Astrophysics, Molecular Genetics and Creation
Aug 11 Luther’s Theology of the Cross
Aug 18 Bethlehem Serves Day
Aug 25 Tai Chi as Spiritual Practice


We have such a gifted congregation.  Bring your hands and your desire to make a difference on August 18th for Bethlehem Serves.  We will meet at church at 8:30 am and then disperse all over Encinitas and North County to make a difference.  Our high school students will be making a difference in New Mexico this summer.  Vacation Bible School will be making a difference in the lives of young children in our community, and you will be making a difference in every place you touch, with the voice God has given you.
Last Sunday, our cantors were 4 of our confirmation students.  On this Pentecost Sunday we will be using a Creed written by those same confirmation students.  The Spirit is blowing at Bethlehem and we are still being made new.  Come and add your voice and gifts.  It won’t be the same without you.  
In God’s grace,  Pastor Laura