Soon, Thanksgiving will be here. We will begin the Thanksgiving meal with prayer. When we serve the meal, we will pass the food in a manner that tries to make certain our guests are served first. When the meal has ended and cleanup has begun, we will begin packaging up the leftovers. We divide up the packages so that we can give some to each of our guests to take home with them.

Our lifelong stewardship is much like the Thanksgiving meal. We make certain that the first fruits are given to God before satisfying our own needs. At the end of our life, there will be leftover gifts from God which we no longer need as we enter into His kingdom. Before our departure, we package those gifts into a will or trust. We put names on the packages in the way of beneficiaries of financial assets. Was God present at your table during your lifetime? Is God’s name on one of the leftover packages?

To help plan your leftover gifts from God, to be given to your loved ones, and His continued work here on earth, contact our congregation’s gift planner, Greg Shepherd at: (909) 910-6823 or by email at: