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Dear Bethlehem, It's hard to believe that it's November already. I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV the other day and almost couldn't believe my eyes. October was a month of homecomings, as well as new adventures for me. I took a few days off to drive up to the Bay Area to see friends that still live there. Being back in Half Moon Bay for the first time since I helped my parents move back in June was a truly odd experience. It felt simultaneously familiar and foreign. I felt a sense of comfort and belonging, that was followed

By |November 4th, 2018|

Gather Together to Be Sent Out to Serve

Greetings Bethlehem, Some churches seem to go on hiatus during the summer, but that has not been my experience here at Bethlehem. The whole summer, but especially this past month have been full of so many exciting and wonderful things happening in our community. I had the great pleasure of participating in my first ever Bethlehem serves and it was truly inspiring to watch. The first thing that struck me was how cool it was getting to see members who usually go to different church services, worshipping and serving together. It reminds us that even though our preferred worship times may

By |September 1st, 2018|

Rising from the Ashes

Dear people of Bethlehem, Greetings from Sonoma County. I am here with thirty four students and nine leaders to work on a Habitat for Humanity building project and assist the Santa Rosa community in fire recovery. The students are dumbfounding the Habitat people by getting done twice as much work as expected. Yesterday they prepared a foundation. Today they put up the walls on a new home to house a family after the fires. The students say they are so happy to help in this kind of need. We are sleeping at Cross and Crown Lutheran, where I served for 6

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Wherever You Call Home

Dear Bethlehem, As many of you know I recently returned from helping my parents move. I said goodbye to my childhood home (pictured) of 19 years and helped them move into their new house in Ashland, Oregon. It was an emotional week and physically exhausting. By the time the movers arrived on Monday morning we had reached that stage in packing where you are no longer organized but are simply throwing stuff in boxes haphazardly. When it came time for my mom and I to leave with our two dogs I took a few moments to walk around the house one

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Ordinary Time

Dear people of God, We enter now, a time in the liturgical calendar known as "ordinary time". It is neither Easter nor Pentecost, neither Advent nor All Saint's Day. From now through the fall, the church will be in "ordinary time". That title always cracks me up. Our lives as people of God have never been ordinary. The work of the Spirit in the church and the world is anything but ordinary. Bethlehem Lutheran is anything but ordinary. Here is an example of our particular "ordinary" life. Bethlehem's calendar this week: Monday: A young mother in our congregation will go to

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Thank You

Dear People of Bethlehem, I want to begin this, my first newsletter article to you all, with a word of thanks. The welcome that I have received at Bethlehem has truly warmed my heart and made me feel right at home. Your notes that were collected before my arrival were a wonderful source of joy as well as a list about a mile long of all of the wonderful foods I need to try and places I need to go in this new place that I now call home. I especially appreciate the grace that you have afforded me when it

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