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Meaning of Repentance

I think that it’s fitting that my article in January was about new years resolutions, and now my March article coincides with the beginning of Lent – another season that is well known for its focus on self-improvement.  Maybe this is sign that what the world really needs is a Lutheran self-help book!  I’m not sure if that would make the best seller list. I love the season of Lent.  Beautiful purple paraments adorn the walls of the sanctuary.  The hymns we sing take on a minor key and a mournful melody.  It is a season of introspection and self-reflection.  A

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Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday

February brings both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.  There could hardly be two more discordant ideas in our culture.  Valentine’s Day is a day of candy hearts and flowers and cards.  Beyond the commercialization, it is an opportunity to tell those whom we love how deeply such a thing is true.  I have already purchased my Valentine’s Day candy hearts in the tiny boxes.  I did so, because there was a national shortage of these last year - - - which was a travesty.  It is not that they are necessary in any way, but they have become a tradition in

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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Bethlehem! I'd like to begin by expressing my deep gratitude for all of you, and for the generosity of your Christmas gift this year. I was blown away and am so profoundly blessed to count myself a part of this community. Thank you so much. If you have been on Facebook, or Twitter, or really any social media platform this week, you have no doubt seen the annual barrage of memes and comics lampooning the practice of New Year's Resolutions. Pictures of gym owners raking in the dough from all of the new memberships that are being purchased,

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The Light of Christmas is Coming

Dear Advent People, May light reach you.  The light of Christ’s coming.  The light of hope in a dark night sky, the light we pass one to another.  I recently saw the Mr. Rogers movie, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”.  I left the theatre reminded again, that kindness and compassion are indeed a most significant force of transformation in the world.  I left musing on God’s decision to change the world by placing a newborn child in a manger.  A decision to change the world, not by force or strength, but by one who came bringing healing in his

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A Church that can Survive the Shaking of the Earth

Fall Greetings Bethlehem, I am writing still filled with joy and elation after this past Sunday. We had an amazing Reformation Sunday, blessed our new bathrooms (the blessing is included below), and enjoyed a wonderful Oktoberfest. Thank you to all who were involved in making it such a joyous day! Given that my mind is still on Reformation, and the fact that Pastor Laura and I recently attended a continuing education conference for clergy out in Palm Desert, I'd like to share with you one piece of learning that has stuck with me. One of our keynote speakers was Bishop Yvette

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A Time of Energy and Forward Motion

Dear People of Bethlehem, The fall is upon us. It is time of energy and forward motion. (It is also a time to pray the humidity and temperature comes down :)) At Bethlehem it is a time for new energy and new ministry. New visitors to worship and the beginning of fall programming. It is an opportunity to thank you all again for your generosity, particularly in the funding of our new HVAC unit. Worship has been so energetic and grace filled over the summer and the temperature in the sanctuary has been glorious. We have received a great deal of

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