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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Bethlehem! I'd like to begin by expressing my deep gratitude for all of you, and for the generosity of

New Year’s Resolutions2020-01-08T10:34:22-08:00

Connections of Faith

Summertime Greetings Bethlehem, Okay, so fair warning, I'm going to nerd-out a little in this article. If Harry Potter isn't your favorite,

Connections of Faith2019-08-01T14:06:49-07:00


Dear Bethlehem, It's hard to believe that it's November already. I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV the other day and


Wherever You Call Home

Dear Bethlehem, As many of you know I recently returned from helping my parents move. I said goodbye to my childhood home

Wherever You Call Home2018-09-01T15:39:40-07:00