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Soon, Thanksgiving will be here. We will begin the Thanksgiving meal with prayer. When we serve the meal, we will pass the


Who Needs a Will?

We’ve all heard people say they don’t need a will because they don’t have much money or because the law will take

Who Needs a Will?2018-03-10T14:54:11+00:00

Ten Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan

New children, grandchildren or other heir A move to a different state The sale or purchase of a major asset Reaching age

Ten Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan2018-03-10T14:57:21+00:00

Summertime Review

“When is the best time to review your estate plan?  Many like to do it in January in response to a New

Summertime Review2018-03-10T15:02:33+00:00

Preschool Funds Request

The Mission Endowment Committee has received its first request for funding from the Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool. The request is for an educational

Preschool Funds Request2018-03-10T15:00:34+00:00

Mission Endowment Committee Meeting

The Endowment Committee met on February 25th to advance our work on the development of our Mission Endowment work. Our meeting minutes

Mission Endowment Committee Meeting2018-03-10T15:01:52+00:00